Function Hall


Contract Points


The contract must be signed by the renting party and the function manager.

Rentals with more than 100 guests must hire a Middleton Police Officer. Also, a fire detail may be required at the direction of the Fire Chief.

The renting party will be responsible for any and all damages to the premises or property located therein.

The American Legion,Inc. and/or its employees will not be responsible for any damages to or loss of personal property left on the premises.

In the event that the American Legion is unable to provide these facilities for any reason, there will be no compensation due to the renting party except the return of any deposit previously paid. Likewise, there will be no compensation due The American Legion from the renting party if the facilities are not available.

The American Legion is a Non-Smoking Facility.


One of the things that makes us so unique is that you can work with a vendor of your choice. All vendors are under your care and responsibility, allowing you to meet your overall vision for the event.


All beverages, including soft drinks, must be procured from the Post Bar. Wine, champagne or punch (used for the toast) must be ordered in advance from the Function Hall Manager.

No alcoholic beverages can be removed from the premises or consumed outside the building/parking lot.

Purchasing with intent or serving of any type of alcoholic beverage to any minor will not be tolerated and will be cause for immediate removal from the premises.

Parking Lot:

Loitering is NOT allowed in the parking lot. Please be aware of your guests at all times.


No nailing, tacking or taping of signs or decorations is allowed on the walls.

No loose glitter or confetti is allowed. No fog machines are to be used.

Additional Cleaning:

If addition cleaning is needed you will be charged $50 per hour. " If you bring it in - You take it out " We will provide the trash cans, can liners, and dumpster to avoid these charges. Please remember to check the bathrooms before you leave.


Volume of music amplifiers will be kept at a reasonable noise level as determined by the Function Hall Manager.

No tickets may be sold or admission fee of any kind charged on the premises.

No boisterous, loud or profane language or physical contact will be tolerated. These offenses will result in immediate removal from the premises.

All open flame devices such as candles, food heating sources (Sterno, etc.), pyrotechnics, etc. are prohibited.

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